Month of Festival

This is one of my favourite month in which we celebrate Kuwait’s National and Liberation day that is on February 25th and 26th despite the actual date of independence which  is in fact   dates up to 19th of June 1961(National day) and Liberation day is always celebrated on 26th.

There is always stage programs,events, variey products offers & sales which  will definitely excite anyone who lives in Kuwait.

Anyway I came across this wonderful video by National Bank Kuwait which is sang by the one and only Mr.Abdallah Al Rowaished, my inspiration that I wish to meet one day. This song shows the love of this beautiful country.

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Real Winter Is Now

kuwaitlifestyleblogNothing like a morning walk for a hot coffee especially in this time of the year…usually it gets cold in mid of October and near the end of February climate changes accordingly for spring season which will only last a month but 2016-2017 have astonishing report on climate change although some of the newly elected westen leader denying it. It seemed for me that climate change have a big impact this year because the weather itself is not in the same manner as it use to be.  I hope this weather change don’t affect anyone’s health. Stay healthy you loving people of Kuwait and abroad.

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Happy International Teacher’s day

October 5

As you all may know October 5th is International Teacher’s day, I just wanted to do a shout out to the teachers in kuwait and the around world, who are  striving hard to make our generation achieve their full potential. I know some of you might think it’s bizarre but if me and my team are here today it’s all thanks to my respective school and college professors.

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I just like to live peacefully, I don’t judge or mock anyone by looks, unless I am your great pal and if you know me since childhood. I created this  blog after I got graduated from Cambridge College. The main reason behind this is to show how every ratio of  life living  in Kuwait  & to create a mind set to show it in a clear perspective that it’s a happy place to have a life here. I usually post about my day to day life but when I see humanity not served I post about it, to point out the mistake that is done, to bring precaution or in other word shed light through my posts.

I have received few mails for the last couple of weeks asking why I’m not active, well here I go. Right now I’m working on a year contract. The corporation I have partnered with is solely about school kid’s talent so it’s my responsibility to monitor the activities in the corporation & manage events. I’ll try my best to be active though.

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Hard To Judge Today’s Society


It was a hectic month for me, so that’s the reason I couldn’t post for couple of weeks. Anyways something really bothered me, I just wanted to share it as I usually do.  Last week some kindergarten kids were playing in the park, it was fun watching them. they were good kids. In fact they were citizens playing along with some asian residents which made me curious how they well behaved and showed unity among themselves and as adults we fail. So one random little girl from the neighbourhood came and she threw sand to the kids playing in the park, just like that without any caution, it seemed like she just came for a fight, so a child from the group threw it back at her. The girl went crying and brought her parents, Now the mother is inquiring about it and the parents of the kid in the park rushed in and from what I’m seeing, the girl’s mother made her to slap the boy who threw sand at her in the park,  I mean come on they are just kids try to solve the issue peacefully not like this. Instead of correcting her child’s mistake she stood by her child made her to hit the boy and walked with pride. I was stunned of what I saw.

Is this is what parents should teach their kids? It’s solely our responsibility to make our children to learn to live peacefully so that they will become a better person in the society.

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Keep Kuwait Clean !

garbage 2

Today the climate was good, so as usual I went for a walk but what I found was astonishingly sad. The bridge near Kuwait Tower which is always neat and tidy was a mess.

Cleaners are doing a great job keeping Kuwait clean especially in this summer but what saddens me most is the people. Whom to be blamed, of course us but why?


If single member of this society (includes Citizens & Expatriates) takes care of their garbage instead of throwing them away in a random place you are making the job easier for the poor hardworking cleaners. In kuwait where ever you turn their is a place to throw your garbage but what’s the point, atleast think about the cleaners. I know some of us might think that cleaners will clean it up but why cause havoc, If you yourselves can keep it clean.

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Admiring the Sunrise

Starfish KuwaitLifestyle

I usually sleep early as possible because I’m an early bloomer, but for about past couple of weeks I had trouble sleeping and I couldn’t ‘t focus on my work and studies.

I took a month off which I usually get every six months and started to hang around with my childhood friend who is an egyptian, he will be traveling back to canada soon so I thought If I can’t take a proper nap then I better tag along with my childhood buddy who have a lot in common to what I think.

Today we thought to go to the beach as early as possible to see the sunrise  and the weather was amazing too. So our planning went better then expected. To be honest there is nothing to do in Kuwait at 2 am so whats better to do at that time of the day especially in summer then fishing which was boring but exciting if you are doing it with a friend. Here is some of the snaps I took after the sunrise.

Kuwaitlifestyle snaps

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Humidity in kuwait like no other!

humidity KuwaitLifestyle

The weather in kuwait is getting hotter and hotter, to make it worse past week is been humid. Whenever I go for jogging I get a steam on my sunglasses, well that’s the case with everyone if the weather is like this. Although  when humid is above expectation its perfect day for a nature  photography.

sunset KuwaitLifestyle

I mean when I go to do physical exercise  and if the weather turned awry, I usually change my routine to capturing images of nature or admire it.

Who can actually do have fun in this hot climate combine with no air(Humidity)….come on, I hope today will be a better day for everyone especially for the young kids.

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The Avenues, Biggest mall in Gulf

Kuwait Avenue

When I usually feel boring, I go for a walk but today I took a turn and went to Avenues because I only go mall for purchasing that also for special occasions.

I kind a felt to try something different and it was nice because its monday the place was less crowded compare to weekend which is obvious. The images I’m sharing are from Grand Avenues. I really like the architectural design and the way they thought of it.

It really feels like a mini Europe. Correct me if I’m wrong, it’s the biggest mall in the gulf and it stands 16th in the world at least that’s what I heard, still the construction is going on so the mall will expand more.

Kuwait Avenues

1st AvenueEdit

The Avenues concept was inspired by the natural forms of the desert and dune, rock formation, and sky.

2nd AvenueEdit

Glass Roof made to allow the sun to light up the internal area which gives the feel of outdoor space

Grand AvenueEdit

  • Architecture of the retail facades are in three styles European, local and contemporary and the boulevard is covered with a transparent roof structure reinforcing and enhancing the outdoor atmosphere.

The MallEdit

  • This is a two-floored extension, holding a variety of brands.


The house of many high-end renowned international brands, which houses a two-storey Chanel Boutique, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana and Fendi . A luxurious district of The Mall for visitors who seeks elegance

The district is home to 48 brands, including 12 that are the largest brand branches in the Middle East.


Derived from South of Kuwait and inspired by New York infamous Soho, a district aimed at the hip & trendy youth visitors an acronym or South of Kuwait is located on two streets and two floors. It is considered a model place for modern shopping and carries leading youth brands. It brings together modern fashion, sportswear, electronics, and art exhibition, as well as famous international and local restaurants and cafes.(Source)


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Pokémon Go might be Banned!



Clearly you might have been playing this game and love it especially if you are 90’s kid, even if you have no idea about the app you will go for it because the Pokemon Go is an exercise game app which is fun way to loose weight.

Unfortunately its banned in some parts of Kuwait due to security reasons. The game is solely through Pokemon characters which means you have to roam around finding the anime

Although  the game is fun, it’s also dangerous because if one uses the application  for finding his favourite character and if he cross the street without acknowledgment of passing vehicle, it might lead to death.Pokemon-go playstore

It seems like new users can’t download the app through AppStore & PlayStore. You might have guessed it, all coming together now and its better that way, well that’s  my opinion.

The Interior Ministry issued a statement Friday warning users of the smash mobile phone application from taking pictures of any vital government, military or security location.

It also warned users not to pounce on Pikachus or chase Charmanders at mosques, shopping centers, malls and oil installations.

According to the Director of Al-Azhar University Dr Abbas Shoman, the game makes people look like drunkards on the roads.

He posited that the game could deceive children to the extent that they will start believing in it.

Dr Shoman wondered what has happened to the intelligence of adults who follow the illusion to such an extent that somebody hit a car due to his inattentiveness over the movement of vehicles.

The United Arab Emirates warned on Friday that criminals could exploit users of the smash hit virtual reality Pokemon Go game and other apps to hack their phones and spy on their movements.

The warning comes after Australian police said that a couple playing Pokemon Go were threatened at gunpoint in a park south of Sydney and blamed the game for a wave of crimes, traffic violations and complaints.

The wildly popular mobile app, which is based on a 1990s Nintendo game, has created a global frenzy as players roam the real world looking for cartoon monsters.

The game requires the phone to transmit its location via GPS and uses its camera which the UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority warned “violates the user’s privacy” and could lead “criminals” to spread viruses.

The TRA said Pokemon Go could result in users being spied upon and urged players not to activate their phone cameras at home or in other private areas.

Pokemon Go works in the UAE but cannot yet be downloaded from local app stores (Source)

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