Recap of Kuwait Tower Firework

I know its been more than  a month since this marvelous event took place as opening ceremony for the Kuwait Tower after 5 years of renovation. It was held on march 5th. I thought to post about it as this should be one of the memory that must be cherished by everyone. As we all know we had a firework show long back in 2012 which broke a World Guinness Record. So I was excited as anyone could be. Me and my colleagues, we were one of  the first people to be among many who were there because we knew the whole place would be crowded  filled with enthusiasm , so we went early as possible to see the beautiful fireworks.

Nobody knew how crowded the place was. So I have shared above a video that shows the crowd that was present that day from evening to  the end of the show in just  9 minutes.

Posted by Ruwaishid



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