Sri Lanka Nothing like you Imagined

I have been living in Kuwait for the past 20 years, the thing I noticed here from citizens and residents in Kuwait is oddly different point of view about Sri Lanka. Which is unfair to say because some of  us didn’t get a chance to visit that Island. Well believe it or not the stereotype that I’m saying is literally weird kind and still exist by most of the people living in Kuwait.

I hope this video will enlighten our mind to a better perspective.

Posted by Ruwaishid.



4 thoughts on “Sri Lanka Nothing like you Imagined

  1. Mira says:

    i guess i am among the few who has a good idea about Sri lanka …like come on! a video is not needed to show how beautiful the country is. Moreover, people mostly judge the countries blindly …one of the reasons is that, they dislike dealing with each other…hesitated to cope with other nationalities (talking generally)’s human nature but we should bring about a change …😉

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