Photography in Kuwait

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I love photography the thing about it is that once you get passionate about it you will be carrying around a DSLR camera which will be literally hanging from your neck and you will feel like taking pictures of everything because as a photographer what  one might think  will be unique, whatever you see will be different in your mind that is the beauty of photography.

The below photos were taken  few years back. Believe it or not it was taken from low resolution camera with less mega pixels.

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One of my childhood friend who was with me on a trip to Wafra village asked me whats the purpose of me taking picture of the desert area near Wafra  because nothing  were there only desert sand.

Well that is what a wondering mind might think. let me put it this way there are so many things in desert  like setting of the sun,the wavy wind moving the desert sand, I can go on. Photos you take now will be the only memory which reminds you of your happy past.

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If one might ask whats the use of photography in Kuwait, well it is used widely around Kuwait because there are so many things you can photograph and mostly used also for special occasions such as wedding anniversaries etc.

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6 thoughts on “Photography in Kuwait

  1. Hazem Ibrahim says:

    These pictures are really well taken i can see the nature’s life in a very live way in each of them. Each moment seems really in its finest, i cant imagine them been taken in a way more magnificent than this.
    Really good job!!!

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