Kuwait Flag-History behind it


Do anyone know why changes took place and whats the history behind  Kuwait national flag, well you are not the only one, I was surfing the net and found out incredible facts about this which is really amazing that some of us might not know. let me shed some glimpse about this.

According to an article  A well known Kuwaiti trader  raising the Ottoman flag was blocked by the British boat that threaten to sink the Kuwaiti ship because at the time of first world war Turkey and British were opponents. Since then  Kuwait made an protectorate agreement with the British empire in 1899. Sheikh Mubarack Al Sabah decided, then to raise up a new red rectangular flag with white colored wording KUWAIT written on it. The red flag underwent many changes until 1961.

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When Kuwait gained independence  in 1961, the  government decided to replace the flag with the new one.

the colors of the flag are derived from a poem by Safie Al Deen Al Hali. The word of his poems denote

White for our work.

Black for our struggles.

Green for our spring homes.

Red for our past.(Source)

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