Wall Art in Souq Mubarakiya

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Yesterday I went out with couple of friends to Souq Mubarakiya for shopping  and I was just accompanying them. Its great place to be, I love the Olden days feel because its one of the oldest market in Kuwait and its a most visited place in the month of summmer and its a great place for Kids as well. if you are a person who loves to buy whole lot of things in few dinars Souq Mubarakiya is the place for you. You will find awful lot of goods there. if you didn’t find any product anywhere in Kuwait then my friend you better start looking  it in Souq Mubarakiya.

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So while I was roaming the path way, As you might have known right now that I’m a guy who is passionate about ART I came across a wall art which is actually not that unique but its hard to find  a random art in Kuwait and sometimes you see such art drawn for  some events mostly in the month of February. So I felt like sharing it.

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