Education is it just a business?


Let me start by saying I’m part of a corporation in Kuwait which motivates children in pursuing their talent. We also keep competitions in Kuwait, providing free scholarships to the winners and it will  take them to the next step which is International level. Today I went to a school in Kuwait regarding children’s program. It was not an official meeting, So I was waiting for hours to meet the Headmistress and finally when she got free, she and I had a long conversation.

The thing what I would like to share is that after I introduced myself, I talked with her about the program and she suddenly said to me that she is not interested, who would throw away a better opportunity such as this one  so I kept on asking why and her answer was her school kids are not talented or don’t have the skills and capabilities like other school children. Well in my mind I was thinking its her duty to fully push the children to their potential .

Is this how a head of school should reply, Its their duty to motivate every single child and by keeping these programs, children will tend to realize their capabilities. A single child from that particular school will not achieve his or her full potential if the school administration is like this.

Sending children to school for nurturing them to be a better person in our society so that our future generation will have a greater role to play. Every child have 90% of capabilities but its our duty to support them because some tend to naturally adapt, for some they need help from their guardians. From my knowledge what I came to understand was that it was just about the profit they get not about the child.

Posted by: Ruwaishid


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