Random Cats Near My Door Step

Fluffy Cat KuwaitLifestyle

So far I have been visited by four random cats this month, well I’m an animal lover especially I love cats as pets. I have no idea whose their owner that been said they are all Persian breeds not cross or stray cats. You might think why its a big issue, so far my concern is that these cats are not having collars or tags which means no addresses, these cats can become one of street cats and I do know that they are expensive, must importantly the owner of that particular cat may miss her badly. So one cat I fed her for few days and I have given my contact details along with the photo I added above  to a nearby shop saying if any person inquire about the cat let them do contact me, so after few days a stranger called asking about the cat and he said its his pet and he sounded promising so I gave her to the guy, after couple of days past I got a phone call from someone else saying its their pet. I’m sharing this  to cause an awareness so that if you are a pet owner do collar your pet so you might not lose your pet.

Posted by: Ruwaishid


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