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Yesterday while jogging some kids from my neighborhood were smoking. I felt bad so I tried  to stop them but they ran away because I knew them.

What should we do to prevent this from happening to our child or anyone’s child as matter of fact, as this is one of major problem in our community. Young teens smoking in the street who taught them this, is it from their parents, friends or people they hangout with.

If you ask me as a community member what will you do?

My answer will be I would stop the child from smoking and will advice him not to smoke. Where do they get these cigarette packs from, supermarkets of course. Why do the shopkeeper sell it to the kids even though  they are not appropriate age, well the kids they might cause problems and shopkeepers have no control over them and some shopkeepers don’t ask any question they just sell it to them.

Whom to be blamed ? We are responsible, we are one in whole community that means its our duty to protect each and every child. No matter what we should do in all our power to protect children of this community, whatever the country, sect the child belongs, they are our future generation.

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  1. KuwaitLifestyle(Ruwaishid) says:

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    Only in the month of Ramadan, I see less smoking. why smoke, if you know the health risk, of course it’s your body you can do anything with it but you are harming everyone closer to you, whether loved ones or not. You don’t care about yourself but do care about others.


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