As usual I went for a walk at Sharq beach side, it was a windy day and you might have known in Kuwait usually windy means dusty weather but it was really beautiful on that particular day especially it was in the evening time of the day. So I was walking, I noted some teens passing by I knew from the moment I saw them, they are looking for trouble.

They were young kids may be above 16 but the way they behaved in front of elderly people was unacceptable, At first they were messing around with an Asian gentlemen and then they came around to the old people sitting by the shore, As I was there I defended them, I advised the boys to never repeat this again, I even told them one day they will become old as well, that time you will feel the sadness if someone of your age mocking at you. The old gentlemen really got tempered because of the boys, so I calmed him down.

Five years from now  these boys might be thug but proper guiding & education might change them. It really hurts when we see such young men behaving without any manner, acting and causing troubles. When I was a teen there were some kids who caused nuisance but they all turn out to be okay  because at one age or another they realized their mistakes, Its solely our responsibility to make them realize and give our generation. proper  guidance.

Posted by: Ruwaishid


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