As I have preplanned for Ramadan shopping  because it would be too much of a crowd when we shop near to the day of Ramadan, I was astonished as I’m not the only one with the plan. The road was full of traffic, it took me an hour to cross the detour which usually takes  about 5 minutes approx. To make it a worst case scenario there was an accident in the path I was crossing.

Besides the problem, I felt something special and unique  about this, well you might know it, it is the upcoming holy month, the good thing about this was that you can see cars passing by filled with goods, except my car because everyone passing by me already finished their shopping, maybe they started their day early, I was stuck at the traffic thinking I was the only one gonna shop . Better get use to it this week will be a hectic week in shopping centers and malls.

Posted by: Ruwaishid





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