PanhandlingSo here it is some of us might thing its a harsh decision to deport panhandlers but to be honest I stand by the side of the government because in kuwait we have many charity homes especially in the month of Ramadan we give plentiful to the needful so there is no need of begging because the charity home gives the poor. Let me say it from my personal experience I once gave a man near the Mosque a Dinar because he seemed ill and old, few minutes after he ran like an athlete Usain Bolt, I was curious and astounded by this behavior and then I noticed he ran to catch the bus because that was the last bus of the day. So people beg by saying their problems but is there really a problem in their lives. So many cases have been caught by authorities about people use begging as a main source of earning.


the Ministry of Interior is launching a public awareness campaign, through the media and social networks, to encourage people to turn in any panhandler they may accost by calling the emergency No. 112 or contacting the nearest police station or police officer.

Moreover, the statement cautioned those who may be tempted to eat food in public during the hours of fasting in Ramadan that such an act would be in violation of the law, necessitating the offender to be jailed for a month or pay a fine of KD 100 or serve the jail term and pay the fine concomitantly. (Source)

Posted by: Ruwaishid 


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