Why shouldn’t we stare in Kuwait ?

baby stare.jpg.560x0_q80_crop-smart

I usually go with friends to the mall especially in ramadan. Today same thing, I went out with a family friend for purchasing some stuff but what really happened is that my friend turned and looked at a guy behind him by coincidence the guy looked back. He Started to  stare at my friend and my friend in return stared at him and I was by his side unnoticeably both  were raging with anger, as a friend what was I supposed to do, exactly that’s what I did. I said to him Khalid(my friend) stop looking at someone you don’t know. He replied to me by saying why is he staring at me then, I pulled him out of the shop and we continue on with our shopping in another store. He was so angry at me as if I humiliated him for making  him back down from world war III crisis.

K-Town 120160618_022311

Nowadays people are acting crazy, they think that they are tougher than the other, where is humanity people, why act  and behave weird, they don’t realise that they themselves changing to act like wild creatures, you might have seen in Discovery channels such as Animal Planets that wild animals stare at each other before they fight usually for territory or to show whose among them is stronger. Wiser thing to do  at a situation such as this one that is if someone staring at you, just ignore and move on with your life instead of exaggerating  why because it’s insane people.

Posted by: Ruwaishid


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