Abdallah Al Rowaished, Man of substance?

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As today is Father’s day, I’m going to say something about a famous singer, who my father admired.

Well here I go, most of you know him and some might not, although he is well known singer that I would like to meet one day. My father use to be a die hard fan of  Abdallah Al-Rowaished, my father had all his song  collections, as for the count I did, he had collected  like 29 approx at that time, now I heard he made about 33 album songs.

Where did I get the name if you ask, Yes you guessed it right, he named me after him & I’m happy with it although some of my asian colleagues have hard time spelling it, even if I write them a note.

I think my father loved all his songs and I remembered something when I was a kid he calls me and my siblings to the hall if his singer Abdallah Al-Rowaished song is been played. I admire my father because he showed me how to live the life through his passion and I inspire his admiration.

Al-Rowaished has launched many humanitarian initiatives in Kuwait and Iraq through the allocation of the proceeds of many musical charity concerts to benefit the needy people. (Source)

Posted by: Ruwaishid 


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