Is this Racism to a different level ?


Usually when one of my asian friend go to buy a sandwich or burger, the waiter if he is an arab, they act and behave harsh. Last week same friend went to buy a drink in a different restaurant, a waiter whose job is to serve outside the restaurant was not friendly, So my buddy ordered a drink and the waiter harshly told him it cost this much as if my friend can’t afford it. These situation occurs only in shops, restaurants or Petrol station but why. Kuwaiti friends of mine in other hand are friendly which means I’m talking about non-Kuwaiti arab expatriates who resides in Kuwait(Not pointing out to all arabs, it’s only few exceptional ones that are working in public places and don’t act kind).

Alright does racism exist in Kuwait?, the answer is I don’t think so because of some ignorant people who really think that they are supreme, I wouldn’t judge it that way.

It’s not the racial discrimination as you think like in some foreign countries there use to be colour problem such as pointing finger saying  you are not our kind, those kind of situations  It doesn’t exist here in Kuwait.  We never had that problem in Kuwait or anywhere in middle east, thank God for that.


If you know to speak arabic but not fluently you can give a back answer to make these rare people realise that they are wrong, you don’t have to be fluent but try learning some words. Such racial people don’t  exist everywhere, they are one in a million & uneducated who are infact not citizens but are residents. Some might disagree but this is the case, If they realise that you are not an arab,  that makes them superior than you, well that’s what they think and some act weird like they talk harsh, Even if you speak english & if they don’t know to reply, sometimes they get offended. I don’t want to mention any nationality because we are all human beings and we make mistake and every nation have few people with negative effects who give a bad picture about their wonderful country.

Here is what I think, they really have less knowledge that is the reason behind every unorthodox behaviour so they act this way and if you have notice this, a waiter trying to serve a non arab, if he thinks his greater than him and he feels pride because he’s an arab which makes him talk in unfriendly way to them in a manner that no one will realise he is mocking try helping the guy out, I mean the guy who is heartbroken obviously I’m talking about the customer.  Why cause disaster in people’s heart, try loving them all of us rooted to each other in some ways.

Posted by: Kareem


One thought on “Is this Racism to a different level ?

  1. Khalid says:

    Interesting and it’s true but we also have to think vice verse because sometime people like to help people from their ethnicity….I hope ur opinion enlighten everyone’s mind. Nice keep going, I find your blog really an eyeopener.

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