Mosque which brought unity, reopens!


I was sadden when this incident happened  and the above image was taken a year ago when the Imam Sadiq Mosque was attacked & the thing is that it made a big impact on everyone, where in one video I saw a man was interviewed at the hospital that he was being treated for his injury caused by the blast and he said he don’t care about him being disabled but he was in full  of pride that it brought unity among the people.

An extremist killed at least 27 people and wounded 227 in a day of violence during the holy month of Ramadan

Since that day of carnage, Kuwait has rebuilt the mosque and flooded billboards and social media with calls for unity in this nation of three million people

The Imam Sadiq Mosque, named after a historically revered Shiite figure, is tucked into the capital’s Al-Sawabir neighborhood on a street of boutique restaurants popular with the oil-rich state’s chic socialites. It survived Iraq’s 1990 invasion of Kuwait and the expulsion of Saddam Hussein’s troops by US-led forces the following year.

Sheikh Sabah paid for nearly all the renovations needed at the mosque, which reopened this month after a remembrance ceremony for those lost. “The one-year remembrance service held at the mosque is a great example of how Kuwait’s unity and solidarity is unquestionable in times of crisis,” said Abdulnabi Al-Attar, a supervisor at the mosque and member of its board.
“Many leading figures attended the service, headed by HH the Amir himself,” he added.(Source)

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