The Avenues, Biggest mall in Gulf

Kuwait Avenue

When I usually feel boring, I go for a walk but today I took a turn and went to Avenues because I only go mall for purchasing that also for special occasions.

I kind a felt to try something different and it was nice because its monday the place was less crowded compare to weekend which is obvious. The images I’m sharing are from Grand Avenues. I really like the architectural design and the way they thought of it.

It really feels like a mini Europe. Correct me if I’m wrong, it’s the biggest mall in the gulf and it stands 16th in the world at least that’s what I heard, still the construction is going on so the mall will expand more.

Kuwait Avenues

1st AvenueEdit

The Avenues concept was inspired by the natural forms of the desert and dune, rock formation, and sky.

2nd AvenueEdit

Glass Roof made to allow the sun to light up the internal area which gives the feel of outdoor space

Grand AvenueEdit

  • Architecture of the retail facades are in three styles European, local and contemporary and the boulevard is covered with a transparent roof structure reinforcing and enhancing the outdoor atmosphere.

The MallEdit

  • This is a two-floored extension, holding a variety of brands.


The house of many high-end renowned international brands, which houses a two-storey Chanel Boutique, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana and Fendi . A luxurious district of The Mall for visitors who seeks elegance

The district is home to 48 brands, including 12 that are the largest brand branches in the Middle East.


Derived from South of Kuwait and inspired by New York infamous Soho, a district aimed at the hip & trendy youth visitors an acronym or South of Kuwait is located on two streets and two floors. It is considered a model place for modern shopping and carries leading youth brands. It brings together modern fashion, sportswear, electronics, and art exhibition, as well as famous international and local restaurants and cafes.(Source)


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