Humidity in kuwait like no other!

humidity KuwaitLifestyle

The weather in kuwait is getting hotter and hotter, to make it worse past week is been humid. Whenever I go for jogging I get a steam on my sunglasses, well that’s the case with everyone if the weather is like this. Although  when humid is above expectation its perfect day for a nature  photography.

sunset KuwaitLifestyle

I mean when I go to do physical exercise  and if the weather turned awry, I usually change my routine to capturing images of nature or admire it.

Who can actually do have fun in this hot climate combine with no air(Humidity)….come on, I hope today will be a better day for everyone especially for the young kids.

Posted by: Ruwaishid


2 thoughts on “Humidity in kuwait like no other!

  1. Hazem says:

    A marvelous view displaying a delightful sunset of a golden disk like sun embraced by the calm bed of seas combined with the mysterious distant skyscrapers as if humans praying to GOD, all seen through the lense of a brilliant and creative photographer choosing the right moment to capture a rich and precious panorama.

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