Admiring the Sunrise

Starfish KuwaitLifestyle

I usually sleep early as possible because I’m an early bloomer, but for about past couple of weeks I had trouble sleeping and I couldn’t ‘t focus on my work and studies.

I took a month off which I usually get every six months and started to hang around with my childhood friend who is an egyptian, he will be traveling back to canada soon so I thought If I can’t take a proper nap then I better tag along with my childhood buddy who have a lot in common to what I think.

Today we thought to go to the beach as early as possible to see the sunrise  and the weather was amazing too. So our planning went better then expected. To be honest there is nothing to do in Kuwait at 2 am so whats better to do at that time of the day especially in summer then fishing which was boring but exciting if you are doing it with a friend. Here is some of the snaps I took after the sunrise.

Kuwaitlifestyle snaps

Posted by: Ruwaishid


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