Keep Kuwait Clean !

garbage 2

Today the climate was good, so as usual I went for a walk but what I found was astonishingly sad. The bridge near Kuwait Tower which is always neat and tidy was a mess.

Cleaners are doing a great job keeping Kuwait clean especially in this summer but what saddens me most is the people. Whom to be blamed, of course us but why?


If single member of this society (includes Citizens & Expatriates) takes care of their garbage instead of throwing them away in a random place you are making the job easier for the poor hardworking cleaners. In kuwait where ever you turn their is a place to throw your garbage but what’s the point, atleast think about the cleaners. I know some of us might think that cleaners will clean it up but why cause havoc, If you yourselves can keep it clean.

Posted by: Ruwaishid


One thought on “Keep Kuwait Clean !

  1. Tammy says:

    This is one of my very biggest pet peeves about Kuwait. I do not understand in this day and age why anyone with common sense would just toss their garbage everywhere and care so little about their environment. My husband says that if there were no street cleaners, this country would be trashed and it’s true. As it is, they can clean all morning, and then next think you know, the streets are littered again. The problem gets worse, not better. And until the government decides to actually enforce laws, nothing is going to change.

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