Hard To Judge Today’s Society


It was a hectic month for me, so that’s the reason I couldn’t post for couple of weeks. Anyways something really bothered me, I just wanted to share it as I usually do.  Last week some kindergarten kids were playing in the park, it was fun watching them. they were good kids. In fact they were citizens playing along with some asian residents which made me curious how they well behaved and showed unity among themselves and as adults we fail. So one random little girl from the neighbourhood came and she threw sand to the kids playing in the park, just like that without any caution, it seemed like she just came for a fight, so a child from the group threw it back at her. The girl went crying and brought her parents, Now the mother is inquiring about it and the parents of the kid in the park rushed in and from what I’m seeing, the girl’s mother made her to slap the boy who threw sand at her in the park,  I mean come on they are just kids try to solve the issue peacefully not like this. Instead of correcting her child’s mistake she stood by her child made her to hit the boy and walked with pride. I was stunned of what I saw.

Is this is what parents should teach their kids? It’s solely our responsibility to make our children to learn to live peacefully so that they will become a better person in the society.

Posted by: Ruwaishid.


One thought on “Hard To Judge Today’s Society

  1. Tammy says:

    Definitely not the proper thing to be teaching your child. But so many parents think that their kids can do no wrong — I saw it time and time again when I worked in the schools. They constantly fight their battles instead of letting kids be kids and work it out and that’s why we have young people who feel they are entitled to whatever they want, whenever they want. A true shame.

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