Pokémon Go might be Banned!



Clearly you might have been playing this game and love it especially if you are 90’s kid, even if you have no idea about the app you will go for it because the Pokemon Go is an exercise game app which is fun way to loose weight.

Unfortunately its banned in some parts of Kuwait due to security reasons. The game is solely through Pokemon characters which means you have to roam around finding the anime

Although  the game is fun, it’s also dangerous because if one uses the application  for finding his favourite character and if he cross the street without acknowledgment of passing vehicle, it might lead to death.Pokemon-go playstore

It seems like new users can’t download the app through AppStore & PlayStore. You might have guessed it, all coming together now and its better that way, well that’s  my opinion.

The Interior Ministry issued a statement Friday warning users of the smash mobile phone application from taking pictures of any vital government, military or security location.

It also warned users not to pounce on Pikachus or chase Charmanders at mosques, shopping centers, malls and oil installations.

According to the Director of Al-Azhar University Dr Abbas Shoman, the game makes people look like drunkards on the roads.

He posited that the game could deceive children to the extent that they will start believing in it.

Dr Shoman wondered what has happened to the intelligence of adults who follow the illusion to such an extent that somebody hit a car due to his inattentiveness over the movement of vehicles.

The United Arab Emirates warned on Friday that criminals could exploit users of the smash hit virtual reality Pokemon Go game and other apps to hack their phones and spy on their movements.

The warning comes after Australian police said that a couple playing Pokemon Go were threatened at gunpoint in a park south of Sydney and blamed the game for a wave of crimes, traffic violations and complaints.

The wildly popular mobile app, which is based on a 1990s Nintendo game, has created a global frenzy as players roam the real world looking for cartoon monsters.

The game requires the phone to transmit its location via GPS and uses its camera which the UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority warned “violates the user’s privacy” and could lead “criminals” to spread viruses.

The TRA said Pokemon Go could result in users being spied upon and urged players not to activate their phone cameras at home or in other private areas.

Pokemon Go works in the UAE but cannot yet be downloaded from local app stores (Source)

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Recently all the articles and posts that had been posted vanished like into the thin air. I got a mail from a subscriber that some images from my blog post are blanked. Sorry for the convenience guys, some of you might had hard time accessing KUWAITLIFESTYLE Blog, well I don’t know why but it’s been taken care of & you won’t ever hear of it again.

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Sea City, Is this future tourist Destination ?

I know most of you might have heard this about a new man made island like city in Al Khiran area. It’s named Sabah Al Ahmad Sea City, I don’t know when they will finish it but I can garantee you on one thing, it is certainly one of the best project in kuwait. You can subscribe to this youtube channel for any updates about the city, here is the link(SAASC TV).

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Above is the video that gives you a glimpse of the Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Causeway also known as the Sheikh Jaber Bridge. (Here is the english version in case if you are wondering-CLICK)

It will be one of the longest in the world and I heard it will stand in fifth place but I’m not certain about that, The causeway will be having two main bridges, one will be 37.5 km and the other one will be 16 km. It will also consist of two man made islands. The construction work is still going on and It is said to be completed in 2018. Below are some pictures that I gathered to post.

k2k3        k3\

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Tourist Perspective about Kuwait

Here is a clip video from Youtube that I came across. A tourist, he explains along with snaps about visiting some places in Kuwait & for your information it’s a year old video. Usually foreigners are scared about visiting when it comes to middle east, so he is actually trying to shed some light through his experience.

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Unique Breeds of Arabian Horses !


I have visited a friend of a relative who owns a yard, where he have about fifty camels and an Arabian horse, which made me wonder what was the different between other breeds because if you have noticed the British Police Horses you might see them to be bigger in appearance.

Here is what I found. Throughout history, Arabian horses have spread around the world by both war and trade, used to improve other breeds by adding speed, refinement, endurance, and strong bone. Today, Arabian bloodlines are found in almost every modern breed of riding horse. well thats amazing.

Kuwait’s  Arabian Horse Center known as Bait Al-Arab doing a great job in breeding of unique arabian horses.

Bait Al-Arab plays a key role in breeding of the unique Arabian horses, numbers of which have dwindled in the Arabian Peninsula. The center, run by the Assistant Undersecretary at the Amiri Diwan, Sheikha Sara Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, was founded in 1980 to preserve breeding of these horses and promoting the raising of the beautiful animals in the country.

that the center hosts more than 100 heads of genuine Arabian horses. The center, located on a 300,000-sqm plot of land in Subhan, regularly hosts Arabian beauty horses contests.

The Arabian horse was born and evolved in a desert and was prized by the nomadic Bedouin tribes. Historical studies indicate that the Arabian horse was strongly linked to humans. The animal was even brought inside family tents in order to be protected and sheltered. This close relationship with humans has created a horse that is a fast learner, good-natured and a faithful companion. The Arabian horses developed the high spirit and alertness that are essential in a horse used for purposes such as war. — KUNA( Source)

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Mosque which brought unity, reopens!


I was sadden when this incident happened  and the above image was taken a year ago when the Imam Sadiq Mosque was attacked & the thing is that it made a big impact on everyone, where in one video I saw a man was interviewed at the hospital that he was being treated for his injury caused by the blast and he said he don’t care about him being disabled but he was in full  of pride that it brought unity among the people.

An extremist killed at least 27 people and wounded 227 in a day of violence during the holy month of Ramadan

Since that day of carnage, Kuwait has rebuilt the mosque and flooded billboards and social media with calls for unity in this nation of three million people

The Imam Sadiq Mosque, named after a historically revered Shiite figure, is tucked into the capital’s Al-Sawabir neighborhood on a street of boutique restaurants popular with the oil-rich state’s chic socialites. It survived Iraq’s 1990 invasion of Kuwait and the expulsion of Saddam Hussein’s troops by US-led forces the following year.

Sheikh Sabah paid for nearly all the renovations needed at the mosque, which reopened this month after a remembrance ceremony for those lost. “The one-year remembrance service held at the mosque is a great example of how Kuwait’s unity and solidarity is unquestionable in times of crisis,” said Abdulnabi Al-Attar, a supervisor at the mosque and member of its board.
“Many leading figures attended the service, headed by HH the Amir himself,” he added.(Source)

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Is this Racism to a different level ?


Usually when one of my asian friend go to buy a sandwich or burger, the waiter if he is an arab, they act and behave harsh. Last week same friend went to buy a drink in a different restaurant, a waiter whose job is to serve outside the restaurant was not friendly, So my buddy ordered a drink and the waiter harshly told him it cost this much as if my friend can’t afford it. These situation occurs only in shops, restaurants or Petrol station but why. Kuwaiti friends of mine in other hand are friendly which means I’m talking about non-Kuwaiti arab expatriates who resides in Kuwait(Not pointing out to all arabs, it’s only few exceptional ones that are working in public places and don’t act kind).

Alright does racism exist in Kuwait?, the answer is I don’t think so because of some ignorant people who really think that they are supreme, I wouldn’t judge it that way.

It’s not the racial discrimination as you think like in some foreign countries there use to be colour problem such as pointing finger saying  you are not our kind, those kind of situations  It doesn’t exist here in Kuwait.  We never had that problem in Kuwait or anywhere in middle east, thank God for that.


If you know to speak arabic but not fluently you can give a back answer to make these rare people realise that they are wrong, you don’t have to be fluent but try learning some words. Such racial people don’t  exist everywhere, they are one in a million & uneducated who are infact not citizens but are residents. Some might disagree but this is the case, If they realise that you are not an arab,  that makes them superior than you, well that’s what they think and some act weird like they talk harsh, Even if you speak english & if they don’t know to reply, sometimes they get offended. I don’t want to mention any nationality because we are all human beings and we make mistake and every nation have few people with negative effects who give a bad picture about their wonderful country.

Here is what I think, they really have less knowledge that is the reason behind every unorthodox behaviour so they act this way and if you have notice this, a waiter trying to serve a non arab, if he thinks his greater than him and he feels pride because he’s an arab which makes him talk in unfriendly way to them in a manner that no one will realise he is mocking try helping the guy out, I mean the guy who is heartbroken obviously I’m talking about the customer.  Why cause disaster in people’s heart, try loving them all of us rooted to each other in some ways.

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Abdallah Al Rowaished, Man of substance?

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As today is Father’s day, I’m going to say something about a famous singer, who my father admired.

Well here I go, most of you know him and some might not, although he is well known singer that I would like to meet one day. My father use to be a die hard fan of  Abdallah Al-Rowaished, my father had all his song  collections, as for the count I did, he had collected  like 29 approx at that time, now I heard he made about 33 album songs.

Where did I get the name if you ask, Yes you guessed it right, he named me after him & I’m happy with it although some of my asian colleagues have hard time spelling it, even if I write them a note.

I think my father loved all his songs and I remembered something when I was a kid he calls me and my siblings to the hall if his singer Abdallah Al-Rowaished song is been played. I admire my father because he showed me how to live the life through his passion and I inspire his admiration.

Al-Rowaished has launched many humanitarian initiatives in Kuwait and Iraq through the allocation of the proceeds of many musical charity concerts to benefit the needy people. (Source)

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Why shouldn’t we stare in Kuwait ?

baby stare.jpg.560x0_q80_crop-smart

I usually go with friends to the mall especially in ramadan. Today same thing, I went out with a family friend for purchasing some stuff but what really happened is that my friend turned and looked at a guy behind him by coincidence the guy looked back. He Started to  stare at my friend and my friend in return stared at him and I was by his side unnoticeably both  were raging with anger, as a friend what was I supposed to do, exactly that’s what I did. I said to him Khalid(my friend) stop looking at someone you don’t know. He replied to me by saying why is he staring at me then, I pulled him out of the shop and we continue on with our shopping in another store. He was so angry at me as if I humiliated him for making  him back down from world war III crisis.

K-Town 120160618_022311

Nowadays people are acting crazy, they think that they are tougher than the other, where is humanity people, why act  and behave weird, they don’t realise that they themselves changing to act like wild creatures, you might have seen in Discovery channels such as Animal Planets that wild animals stare at each other before they fight usually for territory or to show whose among them is stronger. Wiser thing to do  at a situation such as this one that is if someone staring at you, just ignore and move on with your life instead of exaggerating  why because it’s insane people.

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